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This year the Guardians invested USD65m in Rubicon Global (Rubicon). Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Rubicon is a technology company that provides waste, recycling, and smart city solutions to businesses and governments worldwide. The company’s goal is to provide an easier, more cost-effective waste disposal service that helps corporates, governments and other organisations confidently deliver on their sustainability goals through their waste management operations.

Rubicon’s technology works by connecting waste producing organisations with a network of waste haulers via an innovative cloud-based platform. Rubicon’s customer-facing portal allows organisations to lodge waste collection requests, which are then fed through to a network of haulers via an app that sits on the hauler’s dashboard. The portal hosts a six-step system that helps customers set up and maintain a successful business recycling programme, and collects waste and recycling data to allow customers to track progress toward their sustainability goals. The programme works across a range of organisations, including those in the restaurant, grocery, retail, real estate, manufacturing and hospitality sectors.

Rubicon’s SmartCity product helps municipal governments gain greater insight into their waste and recycling operations while driving operational improvement and cost savings. RUBICONSmartCity has been rolled out to over 25 cities across the United States.

Founded in 2008, Rubicon currently has over 400 employees, a network of 5,000 independent haulers and more than one million user service locations. The company has been able to secure large blue-chip national accounts with clients such as Dollar General, 7-Eleven and Wegmans, and has expanded into small and medium-sized businesses.

In its support for high-growth companies such as Rubicon, the Guardians plays to the Fund's timeframe and large scale advantages, seeking diversification and the potential for high returns. The investment also aligns with our strategy to identify investments that have the potential to benefit from the global transition to a low-carbon economy. Rubicon, which aims to divert waste from landfills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, has strong sustainability credentials and complements the Fund’s climate change investment strategy.

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Rubicon provides affordable waste and recycling solutions for businesses seeking a smarter, sustainable alternative.